Welcome to Rock Solid Productions

Creation and design of motion graphic projects for Television, Film and the Internet. Development and maintenance of creative web sites for small business and non-profit organizations. Develop, formulate and create graphic designs of production art for use on tape covers, book covers, flyers, brochures, presentations, promotional materials, catalogs, logos and web sites. Oversight of entire art production process to achieve client satisfaction of work performed. Custom Web site design, WordPress design.

Creation of on-camera scripted and background computer displays. From simple DOS text screens to the very elaborate screen graphics. Design and create script specific screen displays covering all disciplines including web, e-mails, medical, law enforcement, scientific, military, financial, security, government, PDA and GPS. Create and incorporate 3D and flash animation, compositing and rotoscoping, as well as static art.

Design unique and specialized graphics for use in the television and film industry by formulating initial concepts and/or redesigns of client material. Interfaced with clients throughout process of bidding to final production to ensure complete client satisfaction. Draw and design distinctive graphics for neon, fabricated and digital signage. Develop and create intricate high-resolution graphics for use on 72" digital color printer. Generate digital files for use with plotters and computer driven cnc saber routers.